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Duck eggs

Three of my six hens are laying eggs. That’s 1 1/2 dozen a week. I can pickle ’em, freeze ’em and perhaps give some to charity. They taste great. The chicks were born July 2015; it’s currently February 2016. The hens are chomping on Purina laying crumbles and veggie scraps. So, I’m a duck farmer (small scale of course).


Long hair – forget the age rules

It is amusing to find articles insisting that all women over 40 must maintain short hair. After gazing into a side-view mirror, however, it is obvious that my own long-haired plastic clip method could improve. My do-it-yourself carefree personality welcomes the challenge. So I took the plunge and chopped off some layers. It feels great. Meanwhile, here are risk-free suggestions for hair health:
Tips for healthy hair.