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Long hair – forget the age rules

It is amusing to find articles insisting that all women over 40 must prepare to maintain short hair. After gazing into a side-view mirror, however, it is obvious that my own long-haired plastic clip method can improve with some simple suggestions. My do-it-yourself carefree personality welcomes minimal risk without concern over learning mistakes. Here are risk-free suggestions for hair health:
Tips for healthy hair.

Boost self-control – procrastination



Dr Mom

Scientifically proven ways to boost self-control (to do later :) LOL)

On a more serious note: “Eden Foods is the Hobby Lobby of the organic foods aisle” according to Credo action group. Excerpt:

Michael Potter, Eden’s CEO, claims, among other things, that contraception “almost always involve[s] immoral and unnatural practices.”1 That’s one of the reasons why he filed suit in 2013 against the mandate of the Affordable Care Act that classifies birth control as preventative healthcare for women.
Eden Foods Credo action request

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